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InBalance Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC
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Virtual bookkeeping is a highly cost-effective option for small businesses. Through the use of cloud based applications, desktop hosting, and a variety of other alternatives, we're able to provide full services from our own office. We utilize the many options available to turn all that paper into electronic documents and customize a method of exchange to suit each individual client.  

By maintaining your books remotely, we're able to offer a level of flexibility that we pride ourselves in. Business isn't limited to the proverbial nine-to-five and neither are we. 

How We Work
Our Fee Structure
We know that saving money is important to you and we don't believe in racking up charges for necessary basics like phone calls, email communication, and retrieving information. 

Initially, we'll set an hourly rate for our services. After a period of three months, when we have a clear picture of the regular workload, clients have the option to switch to flat rate billing. There will be no charges above and beyond the agreed upon rate without prior discussion and approval and therefore, no unpleasant surprises. 
More ways we save you money
Virtual bookkeeping is more cost-effective than you may think. Let's face it, employees are expensive and their wages are only the beginning. Benefits, worker's compensation, FICA and Medicare matching, unemployment taxes, overtime pay...

Our agreed upon fees are all you pay - no hidden costs.

We bill to the minute, meaning that a practice of rounding to the next quarter, half, or full hour is not employed. You pay for what you need and not a penny more. 

Additionally, we'll help you save on CPA costs. Our well-honed skills and resources help eliminate the need for costly services above and beyond tax preparation. 

InBalance Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC